• Phantom 3 Tips and Tutorials

    Phantom 3 Tips and Tutorials

    DJI Phantom 3 tips, tutorials, hacks and more. If you need help with your Phantom 3 Professional or Advanced, or if you’re looking for product reviews for accessories for your DJI Phantom 3. Then be sure to check out http://youtube.com/AndrewStemermanLive

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  • Drone Laws and Regulations

    Drone Laws and Regulations

    These Drone Laws and Regulations are for Recreational Drone and Quadcopter use. These are the National FAA Drone Laws and Regulations, and your state may have their own additions to these Drone Laws and Regulations. Be sure to check the Laws in your own state as they will vary from state to state(currently there are not many state laws in regards to UAV recreational use). Also, keep in mind that existing laws can be revised and Laws new and old can […]

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  • Health Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle

    Health Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle

    There are a lot of Health Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle. Research has shown that not only are there physical benefits to riding a motorcycle, but there are mental benefits to riding a motorcycle as well. Tohoku University studied the effects between brain stimulation and riding a motorcycle. Their research showed… Riding a motorcycle activates prefrontal areas of the brain. Differences in brain use and level of brain stimulation can be observed in motorcyclists who ride regularly and in motorcyclists who […]

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  • Best Air Filtering Houseplants According to NASA

    Best Air Filtering Houseplants According to NASA

    NASA has been conducting research on what the Best Air Filtering Houseplants are. NASA has made this research public so that everyone can have a healthier home. These plants are also used on the NASA Space Station in order to create oxygen and filter the air from toxins. Good indoor air quality is very important, especially since many of us spend so much time inside of our homes. NASA did a study to find out which plants were best at filtering our air […]

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  • Benefits of a Beard and Beard Care

    Benefits of a Beard and Beard Care

    Benefits Of A Beard There are many reasons to grow a beard. and there are also many benefits that come from having a beard. Some great benefits from having a beard are that they keep your face warm in the winter and keep your lips from getting chapped. There’s also a lot of scientific research that shows that a beard is also healthy for you. A study from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia has found that a big […]

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  • Motorcycle Care and Proper Detailing

    Motorcycle Care and Proper Detailing

    One of my passions are motorcycles and one of the most important things when it comes to keeping your motorcycle in excellent looking condition is motorcycle care and proper detailing. I ride my Harley-Davidson every where. Which means it gets dirty fast and requires me to maintain proper motorcycle care and proper detailing of my Harley-Davidson every weekend. Below is a list of the best motorcycle care products on the market. If you haven’t tried them yet, I highly suggest […]

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